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2023 Crofish announcement and invitation to participants

The 15th International Fisheries, Fishing Equipment, Aquaculture, Sport Fishing and Water Sports Fair will take place in Poreč this year from 24 November till 26 November.
During the Fair, a series of side events will be held, including expert lectures and fishermen partner meetings. There are also activities planned to bring fishery products closer to the hospitality sector and public spending in schools and kindergartens.
Events accompanying the fair include a COOKING SHOW, the CROFISH regatta, the SAINT MAURO CUP in angling for juniors, and the INTO THE BLUE project.
The commercial and public sector sea fleet sailing the Adriatic will be docked on the Poreč waterfront and will open the doors of its decks to all interested visitors throughout the duration of the fair.
Admission for all visitors to the fair is free again this year.
Feel free to contact us for further details.


Opće informacije:
Tel: +385 52 383 743
HR-52100 PULA, Mletačka 12/1

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